1. Shipping Information

HUNG orders are delivered Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. As every order is unique, shipping costs will vary depending on the size, weight and destination of your chosen items. Domestic orders will be delivered by P2P or Pgeon, and international orders will be delivered by DHL, J&T Express or SF Express.

Domestic (East & West Malaysia) and International Shipping

0.5-3 kg = RM 10 (Every additional kg will be charged accordingly)

Shipping Times:

EXPRESS: delivery within 3-14 days

Please keep in mind that our shipping times should be used as a guide only and are based on time from dispatch. Hung.click cannot take responsibility for customs clearance delays or failed payment approval, though we will try to minimise any potential delays.

1. 配送信息:

Hung.click 订单会在周一至周五,时间09:00-17:00 之间直接送达到您府上。 请注意,根据每个订单包裹的体积大小、重量和配送地点目的地不同,运费将会有所区别。国内订单将通过P2P和Pgeon标准配送,国际订单将由DHL, J&T Express 和 顺丰速运标准配送。

0.5 – 3公斤 = 10马币 (每增加而外一公斤将会而外收费)


快递:下单后的 3-14个工作日内收到商品



Every country has different customs laws and your product may incur other charges whilst in transit. Hung  is NOT responsible for these charges. But we will do our best to send it to you the cheapest, fastest and safest way we can.

If you are ordering from within your own customs zone or region, import duties will not be applicable however you may need to pay VAT or local sales taxes.


For international orders shipped to customers in the US, please be aware that US Customs may ask for your IRS, EIN or SSN number before enabling delivery to your address. You will normally have one week to provide this information before your order is returned to the Hung.Click partner for a refund.

Please view our Terms & Conditions

2. 关税与其他税费

海关条例因不同的国家或地区而异,Hung.Click不会承担付运缴付进口销售税项。 但是我们会尽力以最便宜,最快和最安全的方式将其发送给您。






After placing an order, you will receive an email containing all the details. We may also be in touch if we need further information to verify your payment. Once your order is confirmed, it will be dispatched within 2 business days.

Depending on your location and chosen shipping method, delivery takes 3-14 business days after it's dispatched. We will keep you updated with tracking information and estimated delivery date.

If you order from multiple Hung.click  partners, please bare in mind that your items will arrive separately. While we aim to always deliver within the specified times, we aren’t responsible for delays due to customs clearance or failed payment approval.

3. 跟踪订单







At Hung.click, you are shopping pieces from our luxury brands and partners around the globe, expertly curated for you by our team. Prices are determined by each Hung.click partner, therefore the price of the same item may vary depending on your location and where you order an item from.

Please note: Placing an item in your shopping bag or Wishlist does not reserve it at a particular price.

1. 为何Hung.click的商品售价不同?

在这儿, 您将畅览来自全球奢尚品牌与买手店,由Hung.click团队精挑细选的时尚精品。 我们的海外直邮商品价格由每一家Hung.click合作伙伴决定,因此根据您的所在地和订购实体店的地理位置,同一件商品的价格可能会有不同。



All order will be charged in either USD, RMB, MYR, EUR or AUD.

2. 我能用什么货币单位结算?

订单将以人民币,美元, 欧元,澳币和马币进行计算。



1. Returns Policy

Returned items must comply with our returns policy:

  • Items must be returned unworn, unwashed, undamaged and unused, with all tags attached and the original packaging included.
  • Footwear and accessories must be returned with the original branded boxes and dust bags, where provided, and placed inside a protective outer box for shipping.
  • When trying on footwear, please take care not to mark the soles or damage the shoe box.
  • If an item has a click security tag or brand tag attached, it must be returned with the tag in its original position.
  • Beauty and cosmetic products must be returned unopened and unused, with the seals of any packaging still intact.
  • Hosiery, lingerie, swimwear and other accessories (e.g face masks) are not refundable.
  • Jewellery must be returned in the same condition it arrived in, including all branded packaging and documents provided with it.

Please take care when trying on your purchases and return them in the same condition you received them. Any returns that do not meet our policy will not be accepted. 

1. 退货政策



  • 商品必须未经穿戴、未洗涤过,未受损及使用过,并且附有所有的标签。
  • 鞋履和配饰必须采用原有的品牌包装和运输箱进行退货。
  • 当您试穿鞋款时,请采取妥善保护措施,避免在鞋底留下刻痕或损坏鞋盒。
  • 请勿拆卸附加的防盗标签。如果防盗标签已被拆卸,我们无法接受退货和退款要求
  • 美容品必须以原包装退回,并且未经拆封。
  • 因卫生因素内衣, 口罩和泳装我们无法接受退回。
  • 珠宝首饰必须以原状态退回,包括所附品牌包装和文件。


2. Returns Process

Returns Pick Up

Your returned item must arrive at the Hung.click partner boutique or brand it was ordered from no later than 12 days after your delivery date. You will be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. The cost of return shipping will be excluded from your refund.

We will send you a collection confirmation email with all the details you need to complete the return. If you are returning items to multiple Hung.click partners, you will need to request a separate collection for each one in your Hung.click account.

What happens next?

Prepare your package with the returns documents enclosed in your order. Here’s how:

  1. Attach the Return Label, and a signed Return Note if you received one, to the outside of your click box.
  2. Place any unwanted items with all original packaging inside the click box and leave it open for the courier to check the contents.
  3. Keep a copy of the Return Label, as you can check the delivery status of your parcel with our carrier using the tracking number provided.
2. 退货流程

所有符合退货政策的订单,退回的商品须在签收后的 12 天内,退还至相关的 Hung.click合作精品店或品牌方。您需支付自己的运输费用。退货运费不包括在退款中。

我们将以电子邮件形式将您所需的退货资料发送给您。如果您需退货的商品来自不同 Hung.click 卖方,或者同时包含 Hung.click 自营商品和海外发售商品,您必须为每一笔交易分别预订“退货”服务。


  1. 在你的Hung.click的原快递盒中里都会有一张退货运单,请填上每一件需要退回的商品以及退货理由。
  2. 将每一件需要退回的商品放入Hung.click的原快递盒中,请将商品的原包装一并放入盒中退回。
  3. 退货运单附在Hung.click 的原快递盒外。
  4. 请保留退货运单的副本,我们将以电子邮件形式将您所需的退货资料发送给您。


Once your return has been received and accepted by our partner, your refund will be completed via the original payment method, excluding the delivery costs. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way. You can follow the return of your package with our carrier using the tracking number on your Returns Label.

If you are eligible, we may be able to issue your refund as Hung.click credit if you prefer; the amount will effortlessly apply at checkout the next time you shop with us.

Faulty items

It is our aim that every item arrives in great condition and we hope you’re always thrilled with your purchase. If you receive an item in a flawed or damaged condition, or if it doesn’t quite match the description on site, please advise Customer Service at info@hung.click as soon as possible. We will arrange a return and process a full refund for the defective item.

3. 退款





我们全力以完好无损的状态送达每一款商品,并希望您能满意在这里的每次购物。如果您收到了有瑕疵,或与网站描述完全不相符的商品,请尽快通知info@hung.click 。我们将安排退货,并对瑕疵品进行全额退款。